Some question ppl asked 2 or more times. If you want to ask something just leave a comment on some page, I'll add your question eventually. C:


Q: Do you write everything by hand? Yes everything in LD is handwritten, from speech to writings on walls etc. I don't know how to write in SAI and I'm too lazy to learn if there's a way to. It's my usual handwriting, just a little less messy.

Q: Did you copy-paste this? No, I draw each panel separately. But I do copy-paste the initial sketch sometimes for the proportions.

Q: Who is the seme/uke? Klaus is a (very) aggressive uke most of the times. But they can switch, so just imagine it like you want.

Q: Do you have a plot? Yes, but I do not follow a script. It's all in my head haha, too lazy to write it out two times. It'd become a work, and very boring, and I don't want that. I'm doing this comic just to practice with those things I am the worst at drawing.

Q: Will /random thing/ ever happen? Maybe. Just wait. C:

Q: /Random question about demons in general/? Ok so demons are pretty much how you all know them, possessing human bodies and all. They're evil, and they eat human souls. A human soul when eaten goes to Hell no matter how good the person was. But if a demon makes a contract with a certain person, that one person will turn into a demon after being eaten when the contract expires. This should cover everything. I'll explain it in the comic too but I don't need to confuse you anymore than this. C:>

Q: Why does Klaus always have the same body while others switch them so often? Practical reasons. And he really likes his body (it's the same of when he was alive), he's a pretty young demon anyways. Plus, he would have to eat the poor guy/girl's soul, and he doesn't want to.

Aren't Klaus's tattoos a pain in the ass to draw? No, not at all! I love drawing them and they're not boring. C:

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